Antique Radio Repair and Services

Antique and Vintage Radio Restoration

A radio restoration consists of a basic set of services.  Many times, the parts replaced as part of the restoration will return most antique and vintage radios back to safe, reliable operation.  In order to determine the cost of your radio restoration, it will be necessary to inspect the chassis to determine its condition and what parts are required.

Merry Tunes is a business that takes pride in restoring your radios. It is competitive with regards to parts and services as well.

  • Restoration quotes involve replacing all marginal tubes, electrolytics, capacitors and out-of-tolerance resistors.
  • An in-line fuse is installed for safety measures.
  • We will also realign the set, restring new dial cords, and replace A/C line cords if required.
  • The radio will be cleaned in and out and all necessary moving parts will be lubricated.
  • At the end of every repair, a follow up 10 hour bench test is conducted.

Additional service cost will occur for replacing:

  • grille cloth
  • wires
  • power transformer
  • interstage transformer
  • intermediate transformer
  • audio transformer
  • speakers
  • knobs
  • pointer or dial scale
  • repairing the wooden and bakelite cabinet.

An inspection of your radio will be required to determine the exact cost.  Other services such as chassis rewiring and speaker reconing, if needed, would be additional.

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All items the Antique Radios & Parts catalogue is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or they may be returned within 10 days for exchange or credit providing the item is in (original/saleable) condition. 

Any items that have leads cut, evidence of soldering, or other sign of installation and/or used cannot be returned unless the product is defective.

  • Please note measured goods such as grill cloth or wire cannot be returned. 

  • Please check and/or test any purchases upon receipt to ensure you meet the warranty period. 

  • All new tubes are guaranteed for 90 days, except for breakage or when damaged by incorrect installation as specified by manufacturer’s ratings. 

  • All used tubes are guaranteed for 30 days, except for breakage or when damaged by incorrect installation as specified by minimum industry standards.

  • Please contact us should you have any questions or problems.

  • If you have a return you will need to contact us for a Return & Materials Authorization.

  • Upon receipt of that authorization you have 30 days for us to receive the product or the RMA will be null and void. The RMA # must be clearly displayed on the outside of the return package to ensure timely processing on our end.

  • After the initial 10 days period, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee when there is no evidence product failure.



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